March 2018

Beers tasted:

  • IPA 5%, with 25g mosaic and 25g amarillo. US-05 yeast, 72% atten.
  • IPA 5.4%. Clear NE IPA, 4k pale 400g abbey, 165g crystal, 195g light wheat, 450g porridge, 205 wheat flakes. FWH
  • Belgian Wit, M21 yeast. 50L batch. Orange peel (210g), corriander seed (3 tsp), cinammon (3 tsp). 22C steep. Hallertauer FWH. 50% Pale, 40% white wheat malt, 10% flaked wheat.
  • “Highly flavoured beer”. Fresh toasted coconut – 200g in boil, 175g in secondary, choc malt 3%
  • IPA with orange and grapefruit (dried peel – 50g each). Carapils, crystal, nugget and cascade. 260g hops total in 23L batch
  • Mild, 3.9%, MO, dark crystal, biscuit, black, flaked wheat
  • Split batch: cherry and non cherry stouts.
  • Dark beer -1.070 SG, 6% ABV. Biscuit, carafa 2, peat smoked malt, carafa 1, choc, black malt, porridge, black treacle, Bavarian Wheat Yeast
  • Stout, 5.3% 36IBU. Coffee in fermenter (45g whole beans), choc cocoa power in boil. Vanilla 6 teasp paste. Empire ale yeast. FG 1.020.
  • Dubbel from 2016, with raisins.
  • Dark beer, 7%, with wort collected from various brew days. Saison yeast

Total beers tasted: 12. Attendees: 5